Agrocutter 3000

Agrocutter 3000

Machine description

The AGROCUTTER 3000 is a cutting roller machine mounted on a front or rear three-point hitch.

The task of the cutting roller is to mow crop residues. This will allow you to mix the soil more thoroughly during cultivation.

The machine has a movable towing device. Due to it it is able to copy the terrain well and overcome the curve.

Rollers are sharpened on both sides, made of B27 boron steel and further improved by heat treatment.

Standard equipment

  • Two knife rotating rollers with a diameter of 380 mm with replaceable blades made of Hardox steel
  • Shelter of cutting rollers
  • Fork hinge cat.2 or cat.3
  • Knives made of hardened boron steel, maintenance-free roller bearings
  • Dual hitch for front or rear three-point hitch of the tractor

Above-standard equipment

  • Lightning
Power of tractorHp100125

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