SKR Roto – Spring

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The ploughs SKR ROTO – SPRING feature with main frame dimension of 120x120x10 mm.

Main advantage of SPRING protection is that ploughing bodies are secured by 7 leaf springs.

Maintenance-free non-stop protection SPRING guarantees uninterrupted ploughing after hitting stones.

Standardní výbava

  • Mouldboard model: SR30
  • Trashboard
  • Extension wing
  • Hydraulic cylinder with automated unit for turning
  • Support wheel (ø 560×175)
  • Fork hinge cat. 2
  • Protection by non-stop leaf spring

Nadstandardní výbava

  • Skimmer
  • Knife coulter
  • Rolling coulter ø 480
  • Support wheel TR 315 (ø 590×255)
  • Front furrow adjustment
Number of furrows2+2+13+3+1
Weight of ploughkg8401 0801 0831 330
Power of tractorhp60 - 8070 - 9090 - 120
Performanceha/h0,4 - 0,80,6 - 1,10,6 - 1,10,8 - 1,4
Working widthcm30, 35, 40
Frame mm120 x 120 x 10
Interbody distancemm850
Under beam clearancemm750

Type: SR30

  • Suitable to the all types of soil.
  • SR30 is 5 cm bigger than JR30 and don´t have repleceable part.
  • Enable very good splitting of the soil.
  • Depth of ploughing- up to 30 cm.

Hydraulic cylinder with automated unit for turning

Front furrow adjustment

Protection by non-stop leaf spring

Working width per body

Support wheel

Support wheel TR 315

Fork hinge


Rolling coulter

Skimmer Spring type S

Knife coulter

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