ArcoAgro 180

Machine description

The most widely used and best-selling semi-mounted ploghs suitable for aggregation for all types of tractors.

The new construction of plough ARCOAGRO 180 features with main frame dimension of 180x180x10 mm.

The sturdy construction guarantees long-term use without the need for expensive service.

Inovative features of new of range plough guarantees simple and easy use.

Standard equipment

  • Mouldboard model: KV09, LM35, LM40
  • Fork hinge cat. 3
  • Connection with tractor Kirovets
  • Protection by bolt
  • Vacuum hydraulic accumulator
  • Hydraulic front furrow adjustment
  • Wheel FLOTATION 500/45-22,5

Above-standard equipment

  • Slatted boards PS40
  • Trashboard
  • Extension wing
  • Skimmer
  • Rolling coulter ø 480
  • Sword landsides
  • Knife coulter
  • Bushings for fractors K700/K744
  • Under beam clearance: 850 – 870 mm
Number of furrows6+7 (6+1)8 (6+1+1)9 (7+1+1)
Weight of ploughkg3170341336763953
Power of tractorhp200 - 300240 - 400270 - 500
Performanceha/h1,6 - 2,11,92,2 - 2,92,4 - 3,2
Working widthcm35, 41, 47
Frame mm180x180x10
Interbody distancemm1000
Under beam clearancemm800 - 870

Type: LM35

  • For the ploughing of light up to heavy soils.
  • Enable very good ploughing of the plant remainders.
  • Depth of ploughing- up to 30 cm.

Type: LM40

  • For the ploughing of light up to heavy soils.
  • Enable very good ploughing of the plant remainders.
  • LM40 is 5 cm bigger than LM35.
  • Depth of ploughing-up to 35 cm.

Type: KV09

  • Spiral shape is designed for the ploughing of light and medium-heavy soils.
  • Not recommended for adhesive soils.
  • Depth of ploughing-up to 30 cm.

Type: PS40

  • Usable in the sandy up to heavy soils.
  • Very good ploughing of plant remainders.
  • Low resistance and excellent splitting of the soil.
  • Depth of ploughing-up to 35 cm.

Fork hinge cat. 3

Hydraulic cylinder with automated unit for turning

Transport wheel

Protection by bolt

Working width per body


Vacuum hydraulic accumulator

Rolling coulter

Sword landsides, runner foot

Skimmer type K2
(is suitable for plowing of corn)

Extender of the furrows

Knife coulter

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